Kelly O’s “Special” Sauce Recipe

For those of you that live in and around the Kelowna area, you must be familiar with Kelly O’Bryan’s.If you aren’t, Get in your car right now and go there!

They have this Magical food called “Pachos” which are these amazing waffle fries with Melted cheese on top. Sounds good right? WRONG. They are AMAZING! What takes them from good to AMAZING is the sauce they serve with them. “Paco Sauce” is like magical sunshine in a jar, that I could literally eat with just about anything (and believe me I have tried it with MANY foods) For my American friends it resembles a version of Chick-fil-a sauce, for those of you who don’t know what either of those taste like… say sorry to your taste buds for neglecting them and make this stuff!

This sauce is limited to Kelly O’Bryan’s, which is a problem since I live in Chilliwack about 3 hours away. So on one of our excursions there I bought a jar of it and brought it home. I had my mom Taste it, because she has that ridiculously insane gift of tasting something and knowing how to make it…

So in all her awesomeness she came up with a recipe that is pretty much bang on. So for all you Pacho-Loving friends out there, here our version of their “Special Sauce” recipe!

Kelly O’s “Special” Sauce (Copy cat)

(Due to Copyright Infringement I can’t label this recipe the same name as theirs)

1 1/2 C Miracle whip (DON”T use Hellmans… it doesn’t taste the same)

1 1/2 T Mustard

1/4 C White Vinegar

1/2 C Sugar *

1/2 t Basil

1/2 t Tarragon

1/8 t Pepper

1/8 t Salt

1/8 t Garlic Powder

* (A number of awesome readers have tried this recipe with honey instead of sugar, and have loved the results, so this is one great alternative)

mix together and store in a jar in the fridge…

Put this stuff on EVERYTHING! I use it to dip grilled cheese sandwiches in, or chicken strips, or fries, or fish and chips or as a condiment on hotdogs, burgers or sandwiches…  it’s seriously good.


– A –

Just to add:

Due to Copyright infringement on the “Pacho Sauce” name the Recipe name has been changed.


70 thoughts on “Kelly O’s “Special” Sauce Recipe

  1. Ok I made your recipe and understood the big “T” as a tablespoon and all the little “t’s” as teaspoons. Am I missing something? Because to me all I taste is sugary miracle whip. This tastes nothing like Kelly O’s sauce. Should everything else been tablespoons?

    • Yes, T for Table spoon and t for teaspoon. You have to make sure your spices aren’t too old or being kept in the sun. That will degrade their potency. I’ve made this recipe lots with these measurements and turned out very well. Try upping the spice quantities if you find the potency isn’t strong enough.

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  3. I’m Brazilian and I lived in Kelowna for 2 months in 2010. Pachos are one of the things I miss the most! I begged Kelly’s waiters to give me the souce recipe, but of course they didn’t. Thank you for sharing. I’m definitely trying this.

    • I use just standard Miracle whip. I have found from a few of the comments I’ve received that if people are using packaged spices, make sure they aren’t old. Spices loose their potency if they are out in the sunlight or over 6months old… if that’s the case you need to up all of the spices.

  4. For those that complain of the sugary taste. I plan on building, based on the recipe, but leave out the sugar, then start adding till it tastes.

  5. I similarly read the comments before making mine and decided to lower the amount of sugar because I knew my terragon was very old. It helped, but I still needed to increase the amount of spices. In the end it was awesome! Im suiper impressed that you managed to figure this recipe out – even more impressed that you managed to do it without any milk products. I love pacho sauce, but I can’t have it anymore because I found out I’m allergic to milk and the servers at Kelly Os told me it has sour cream in it. Your recipe is an absolute winner in my books! Thank you!!!

  6. Just so everyone knows Kelly O’s is also in Kamloops. 2 hours from Kelowna Down in the Thompson region. I’m a sucker for their Emerald sauce so I’m going to have to check this out with a side by side once I do make some. Cheers all

  7. Wow..thanks. Live in Manitoba and whenever im in Kelowna we go for Pachos and i also bring a jar home and make them til the jar is empty. Will definately make this recipe.So excited! Thanks to your mom and thank you for posting.

  8. We have Kelly O’s here in prince George and I usually go there all the time for pachos I think this will be much easier on my wallet 🙂

  9. Thank you for posting this. I just made it. It’s delicious. Kudos to your mom. I was born and raised in kelowna and now live 15 hours away. Much appreciated! 🙂

  10. I usually put equal parts honey mustard, mayo, and tartar sauce to copy the flavor when I’m having a craving.
    I’ll try your recipe in a few days 🙂
    Thanks 🙂

    • I’m not familiar with the taste of splenda, you could sure try it! Let us know how it works if you do. In theory it’s a sweetener so it should work… but the consensus lately seems to be that honey is the better alternative rather then straight sugar.

  11. LOVE!!!! Thank you so much. Lived in Vernon when the first Kelly O’s opened and then moved to Kelowna and was so happy they had one there. Surprise when I lived in Langley they had one in the area also but is now closed. Been in Alberta for 20 years and everytime I go home, Kelowna, I have to get my Pachos and Sauce fix. This is AWESOME!!! My friend found this for me and sent me the link and I have now shared it with friends in Ontario and the US. THANK YOU!!!

  12. Like your Mom, I too did the taste test and attempted my own. It’s definitely something simple and cheap or they wouldn’t be so willing to sell it at such a profit for $7.00. I agree with the ‘tang’ of Miracle Whip but I used honey mustard for the colour and sweetness. Parsley flakes for the green flecks and vinegar/water to thin it out. Spice it up to your hearts content and create something even better than O’Bryan’s. Good luck and have fun creating.

    • Is this all you use?…miracle whip, honey mustard, vinegar/water and some parsley and maybe a few other spices, to taste? I think in the above responses….the use of honey instead of sugar sounds like a good idea.

    • Potato Nachos!

      Deep fried crosshatch fries smothered in cheese and green onion. Bacon etc is optional too. Pretty darn good with a side of chicken lips!

  13. LOVE KELLY O’S and visit there often with friends for birthdays and such in Prince George. Thanks so much for sharing! I’ve wanted this recipe for YEARS to make at home with homemade fries!! 😀

  14. FYI there’s a Kelly O’s, and Carlos O’Bryans the pub version, in Kamloops as well. (a bit closer than Kelowna, I believe?)
    Thanks for the recipe! I live in Nova Scotia now and was just telling my boyfriend about the joys of pachos and the glorious pacho sauce. Now I can make it for him! 🙂

  15. Best sauce ever! We have a Kelly O’s and a Carlos o’brians (a pub, but the same great food) in kamloops and there’s also a Kelly O’s in Vernon 🙂 the sauce has an actual name in case you want to buy it from the restaurant, it’s called Emerald isles sauce 🙂 I love it and can’t wait to try this recipe !

  16. Just made this. Had to use Hellmans because thats all I had. I also used honey and less than the recipe called. Its DELICIOUS
    and my son says it tastes the same to him! Thank you for sharing this!

  17. Here’s a super quick version! The miracle whip, vinegar & sugar part sounds just like the homemade coleslaw dressing that I make. So I pulled out our bottle of store bought coleslaw dressing, added mustard and spices and it tastes just like the pacho sauce I had when we were at BVJ in ’05. Hubby almost hid the bowl so as not to have to share! 😉

  18. Just finished making it myself and will be having it with dinner tonight so I’ll let you know how it turned out later! Thank-You so much for posting this. PS: Someone somewhere knows the recipe for this it’s not “exclusive” to Kelly O’s, in Prince George we used to have a pub called Shooters that also did a Pacho + Emerald Sauce recipe and it was exactly the same!

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