Never buy Iced Coffee again!

I had seen on pintrest some recipes that “Claimed” to be your forever solution to homemade iced coffee… I was intrigued. My husband LOVES Iced coffee, as in would drink them 3x a day, every day kind of love. When ever Mcdonalds has their $1 iced coffees he gets one pretty much every day… but who really wants to drink Mcdonalds iced coffee. We both would prefer the $4.50 ones from Starbucks, but our budget just can’t support that if we want to eat real food, and have things like Toilet paper in the house.

So yesterday I decided to bite the bullet and make this concoction. I am now kicking my self for my sheer laziness in not doing this sooner. I’ve also linked the original posters website you can see some pretty pictures of it too 🙂 (The Pioneer Women – Perfect Iced Coffee)

This stuff will last weeks in the fridge (so i’m told) although the jug of it I made last night is already 2/3 gone… (like I said LOVE iced coffee)

What you need.

1 Can evaporated milk

1 Can Sweetened Condensed milk

Mix these two together and store in a jar with a lid (so you don’t get that funky fridge taste after a day or so)

1/2lb of ground coffee

1 Gallon of water (room temp, or cool doesn’t matter)

Dump all the coffee and water together in a bowl and let sit for 8-12 hrs      (I am REALLY impatient so I only waited about 6 hrs and it still tasted good, probably not quite as strong as it could have been though)

after it has sat, strain it over another bowl. You could use maaaaaaany different methods for this. I used a wire strainer and just layered a bunch of cheap coffee filters all over it so the grounds wouldn’t get through, you could use a Sock or cheese cloth or anything that will catch the liquid.

THEN, Fill up your desired glass with ice

*Use the biggest one you can find, because once you fill it with ice the actual amount of coffee you get isn’t that much. We used the med sized mason jars. Looked a bit getto but worked excellent.*

Fill your cup about 2/3-3/4 full of coffee concentrate and add some of the cream mixture. My advice is to leave a bit of extra room to taste it and see if it’s too sweet or strong. The cream mixture is VERY sweet so you don’t need too much.

Enjoy filling those bellies with this lovely concoction, we are ditching the morning hot coffee in our house till Fall!

– A –

1 thought on “Never buy Iced Coffee again!

  1. I use the Pioneer Woman recipe for my summer fix of iced coffee. It is the best–way better than hot, brewed coffee over ice. I usually just use the commercial flavored creamer and some milk in mine. Sometimes, I even give it a shot of spiced rum!

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