Lick the Bowl PB Icing!


Yesterday I was having one of those “Holy crap I need chocolate cake” days… But I was reallllllly lazy so I wanted an easy route. With no vehicle that day, I had to make it.
So out with my stash of boxed cake mixes to see what I could drum up and that moment of weakness months ago when I bought a few boxed cake mixes was a “Huzza!” moment for me that day!

(not that I have anything against boxed cake mixes or those who use them!)

I had seen on pintrest this post about putting marshmallows on top of an almost baked cake to get a “fake” icing type thing.. so I thought I’d try that..

I really should have taken a picture for one of those “Nailed it” Botched Pintrest idea sites. It looked bad, and tasted worst. (note to you people Don’t bother trying it.. they look pretty right out of the oven, then they shrivel back and harden up)

SO, I scraped all the marshmallows off and searched for an easy peasy Icing idea, Then I saw the PB !!! uhhh YA! I love Peanut Butter… SO MUCH, Noting makes my mouth water more then just THINKING of Reese PB cups.

So I whipped up a quick pb icing and I probably should have just stuck my face in to the bowl and ate it all. SO GOOD.

So I’m sharing… SO EASY!

1C PB (I used Smooth)

1/4 C Marg (softened)

2-3ish C icing sugar

1/4 C milk

Make sure you use an electric mixer to whip it together as it’s really hard to do it via hand power… but if you are one of those crazy buff people that likes to get a work out while cooking be my guest.

You can adjust the icing sugar/milk ratio a little at a time to make a thinner icing to use as a drizzle or to thicken it up for a stiffer icing to ice a cake with. My cake was in a 9×13 pan so there were sides to it.

Have fun, but beware, It’s not my fault if you make it and eat it with a spoon… you have been warned.