Sweet and Sour Sauce M2F

So here is the first segment in our Meals to Freeze ( M2F ) series

Maybe your looking at this title thinking “How on earth is sweet and sour sauce a meal”… well I’ll tell you… it just is.

My favorite way to eat it is over rice, or with meatballs, or to use it as dip for your Frozen Asian appy package you picked up at Costco on a whim but used all the good sauce it came with in the first day (not that I’ve ever done that)

So needless to say I LOOOOOOoooooooove sweet and sour sauce… But I’m picky about it!

It’s got to be just the perfect amount of sweet and a bit of sour… and has to be thick enough to stick to everything!

My mom makes THE BEST sweet and sour sauce growing up, though I’m probably slightly bias.

So I called my mom today before writing this up, figuring I should ask the source of the recipe before I spread it into the world wide interweb. This originated from an elderly Chinese Lady my Uncle knew… who gave it to my Aunt, who gave it to my mom… (which makes sense why it’s so good!)

It is SO simple.. basically if you can cook KD (or even if you can’t) you can cook this.

Sweet and Sour Sauce

¾ C sugar

1/3 C White vinegar

2 Tablespoon cornstarch

1C water

¾ C Ketchup

1 Small can of pineapple chunks (optional)

In small saucepan add all ingredients other then pineapple and cook on Med heat stirring while it cooks and cook until it turns translucent

Add pineapple and simmer till pineapple is heated through

That’s it, and I promise you won’t regret this one!

it’s Gluten Free and Dairy Free, super cost effective to make in large quantities, and Freezes like a dream. It can be served over almost anything, or used as just a straight dipping sauce!