Last year I started with a post called “2014 from scratch”

I was extremely successful for the first 2.5 months, making bread every week from scratch, buying relatively nothing in a package, and cutting my grocery budget to around $250 for a family of 3 including diapers and garbage bags…!

Then I got put on Bed rest with my 2nd and all hell broke lose… we ate out… Lots… I bought easy pre-packaged everything… it was horrible. But if my family was going to eat while I was off my feet I needed to.

Then our daughter was born and we had 2 weeks of blissful newborn snuggles, and I had SO MUCH ENERGY after being so restricted and I baked up a storm!…

Then she started screaming…and screaming…and continued to scream till 12 weeks.

SO needless to say, I completed 2.5 months of what was supposed to be a 12 month challenge, so I’m back to it, to try again.

I’ve built an arsenal of ideas off Pintrest (check out my board here!)

I’ve already tested a few new recipes I’m going to post shortly, and I am So excited to try this again!

A few things I did learn last year though:

1) Bagels are 10x better made from scratch (and easy peasy)

2) Lots of make ahead recipes (especially breakfast wraps, and sandwiches etc..) need a toaster oven to remain “convenient” I tried microwaving so many things that ended up being so soggy… and really, who has time to turn on the oven in the morning when you are trying to run out the door! So I have a toaster oven en route from Amazon right now to make sure I’m best equipped this year for success!

3) Sometimes Pintrest sucks… many peoples ideas of “An amazing recipe” is NOT the same as mine… maybe I’m picky… but I can tell you that panko crusted zucchini (and a number of “amazing” recipes) are not worth the effort HA!

I hope you all have fun reading my posts and adding some great, staple recipes to your arsenal of meals!

Thanks for reading!



2014… The year made from scratch

New year, New adventures, New fun, New Recipes!

Our family is growing by 1 this year! Super exciting, and terrifying all at the same time. So I need to plan.

I used to pride myself of the amount of things we ate that I made from scratch. Everything from Jam to bread, to pizza and spaghetti sauce. Then I had a baby and started a thriving business all in the same year. Slowly my freezer and pantry full of home made goodness turned into Prepackaged and easy to use everything.

My husband changed jobs, and most days his scheduled “end” time fluctuates, sometimes by hours. I usually only have about 30 min notice that he’s on his way home, so unless meals are in the crock pot It’s incredibly hard to pre-plan much for dinner.

So I succumbed to jarred pasta sauces, easy made dinners, easy to feed toddler lunch food and fast food. Neither healthy, very tasty or budget friendly!

Now we have another baby on the way, I’m entering my “quieter” time of  my business year, and I have a huge urge to see just how far I can Slash my grocery budget by doing some back to basic, made from scratch recipes.

Over the Christmas Holidays We have gotten to spend 2 amazing weeks with my family while my husband did some work in their area! (have I said how much I LOVE his new job and boss?!) While at my parents, my mom showed me a few (VERY well loved) cook books she used when we were kids. These cook books saved them hoards of money and time with recipes for making base mixes and such from scratch. (for example, a cornmeal base mix that can be turned into everything from muffins to breakfast muffins, to topping for a casserole by adding 1 egg and a cup of milk to the pre-made base)

If my mom could make 90% of our food from scratch wen we were kids (there were 3 of us) and participate full time in ministry with my dad, I figure I should give it a solid shot.

So here starts 2014, 4 months till baby Wheels #2 is due, and loads of time to try stuff out, perfect some favorite recipes and do some food stockpiling if you will for when our precious little girl arrives!

My goal is to see what % of our food budget I can cut out by switching to made from scratch items, and keep you all updated on what recipes worked great, and which ones didn’t.

I love pintrest, but in the past few months I’ve had quite a few pintrest recipes fail hardcore, and has shook my faith in the recipes being posted, so Most of my recipes are being pulled from tried and true, very old school cookbooks my mom has.

So no, this isn’t my New Years Resolution, (because I hate them) but rather my Lets slash my budget resolution AKA the year from scratch… that just happens to start at the beginning of 2014…

Most of the gems I’m starting with are coming from the “Make a Mix Cookery” cook book by Karine Eliason, Nevada Harward and Madeline Westover. Here is a link to to take a look or purchase it


I’m spending this week compiling recipes and mix ideas, and next week I’ll kick it all off.

I am going to compile a board on pintrest of recipes I will try out. You can follow my pintrest board here.